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Events Calendar


Oct 21, 2018

Sunday Morning Worship

Sunday Morning Worship Morning worship begins at 9:30 am, followed by a Sunday School hour for all ages at about 11:15 am. The worship service includes the singing of songs selected to go with the sermon of the day, a time of prayer, and preaching/teaching from God’s Word. Our pastor preaches textually and systematically through books of the Bible to ensure God’s Word is taught in its context. The sermon normally lasts 30-40 minutes. We celebrate the Lord’s Table on…
Oct 27, 2018

Dinner Fellowship

Here is how the dinner fellowship will work. There are 4-5 families who will host the dinner gathering and 3-4 other families will attend. You will receive an invitation to attend and be given the location and start time of the dinner. You will be asked to bring a food item to share with the group. At dinner, you will simply enjoy a time of fellowship and perhaps play a game to add to the fun. We will do this…