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'Grace Fellowship' Tagged Posts

Savior-like Greatness – 04/19/15

The Word’s definition of greatness is radically different than that of the world’s. Today, Pastor Holladay preached on Mark 9:30-37, introducing three characteristics of true greatness taught by Jesus, perfected in Him, and presented to us for personal application. Listen to today’s sermon to hear a bold presentation of the gospel and to learn more of these three surprising characteristics of true greatness: Sacrifice, Selflessness, and Service.   http://www.thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1384Mark09.30-37.mp3  

Barriers to Belief

Pastor Holladay preached on Mark 9:14-29 today, telling the story which recounts the disciples’ inability to cast a demon out of a severely possessed boy. Pastor Holladay comments, “Instead of expressing their dependence and faith in prayer—prayer being faith directed and expressed to God—they were relying on themselves.” Listen to today’s sermon to discover six barriers to belief; six obstacles to our faith in Jesus that hinder completion of the course: http://www.thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1383Mark09.14-29.mp3  

The Effects of Easter (part 2)

Pastor Greg’s Easter sermon was on “The Effects of Easter (part 2).”   John 16:16-33 was the primary text. http://www.thegfc.org/sermons/Misc.%20Audio%20Sermons/Seasonal%20Audio%20Sermons/9244John16.16-33.mp3