Biblical Commitments

Biblical Commitments


Reverent, God-centered and empowered by His Spirit.

Biblical Instruction and Application

Systematic preaching of the Biblical text with relevant application directed to personal, obedient response


Both personal and as a body, as an expression of dependence on God

Small Group Fellowship

Close fellowship and the shepherding of the flock through small group relationships

Personal Ministry

Every believer equipped and placed in ministries that encourage the exercise of their spiritual gifts

Mutual ministry within the Body and compassionate care of those in need beyond our congregation through loving deeds of mercy

Servant leadership by a plurality of spiritually mature, godly leaders accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ and the body of Grace Fellowship


Personal Bible study, prayer, witness, stewardship and ministry developed as disciplines in the life of each believer

Faithful, obedient, holy living motivated by love for Christ as an evidence of genuine faith

Evangelism of the unconverted by believers in relationships that reflect the love of Christ in words and works

Missionary outreach beyond our congregation through involvement in local and world-wide missionary activities.