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Every week, Pastor Dennis preaches exegetically from the Scriptures, verse by verse with an emphasis on personal application of the inspired Word of God. You can view our weekly sermons on our sermons page.

Access the Weekly Sermon Series via iTunes


Download/Subscribe Sermons

If you want to download a sermon to your computer or mobile device in iTunes, click on the “View in iTunes” button or text link. This will take you to the iTunes Store,  then do one of the following:

  • Download a single sermon: Click the “Free” button next to the sermon.

  • Subscribe to the Sermon Series: Click “Subscribe.” iTunes downloads the most recent episode and will download future sermons and store it in the Podcasts section of your iTunes player.

Then click on your “Library” button and “Podcast” to access the downloaded sermon(s).

Sermon Archive and Notes

To access sermons by Pastor Greg Holladay, click on the links below where you’ll find audio sermons and accompanying sermon guides.

Exodus Joshua Ezra Nehemiah
Lamentations Habakkuk Haggai 1 Thessalonians
Mark  Acts Ephesians 1 Peter
1 Timothy Hebrews James
Jude Ministry  Seasonal


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