How We’re Different

How We’re Different

When we ask our congregation “what makes us different,” the most common answer is that we “focus on God’s Word.” We seek to be a church that understands, practices and proclaims God’s Word in a world that constantly changes.

At Grace Fellowship, the preaching is expository – the sermon is drawn directly from the Biblical text and is carefully explained and applied.

The Sermon Guide in the bulletin allows our members to follow the outline of the sermon and take notes. It also has questions for group discussion and application, personal reflection and response, and family homework.

Music is selected to support the sermon’s message and is drawn from the rich musical heritage of the Church, both past and present.

Lessons and personal applications are included in the sermon and are also discussed and personalized following the worship hour in application groups. The adults participate in one group and the middle and high school age youth participate in another.

The congregational prayer is led by one of our elders on a rotating basis. The elders also bring the sermon when the pastor is away.

Bible study and prayer are a regular part of all that we do. We believe in the power of prayer and have seen prayers answered according to God’s Will and in His perfect timing.

We have a very warm and welcoming congregation that has become, over the years, a family that cares deeply for each other.