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'Jesus' Tagged Posts

The Times of the Signs

  http://www.thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1407Mark13.01-08.mp3   As we begin a four part study on Jesus’ Olivet Discourse, it’s easy to become curious about the meaning of the prophecies in this passage. We live in uncertain and dangerous times; sometimes, we feel wary about turning on the television or checking the headlines. In all of this upheaval and turmoil in the world, our minds begin to focus on the possibility of the imminent end of the world. We start looking for the signs of the times.…

A Penny Sermon

http://www.thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1406Mark12.41-44.mp3   This past Sunday at Grace Fellowship Church, we read about a widow who had very little, yet gave it all generously and sacrificially away out of her selfless devotion. Though this tiny amount may not have meant anything to those who received it, it meant more to God than the great sums that the wealthy gave. And Jesus made sure to point out this widow’s sacrifice to His disciples. Thousands of years later, Christians all over the world…

Faulty Theology

http://www.thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1402Mark12.18-27.mp3   Grace Fellowship is preparing for a class on studying the Bible. Hopefully, all who attend will learn new tips and tricks to better interpret the Bible. This past Sunday, we learned from Pastor Holladay’s sermon on Mark 12:18-27 how ‘not’ to interpret the Bible! Yet, more importantly, we were also reminded that there is a life to come after this earthly existence; and what a life! Listen to this week’s message, as Pastor Holladay preaches on Jesus’ response to a…

Tactics to Trap Jesus | Mark 12:13-17

http://www.thegfc.org/…/Mark%20Audio%2…/1401Mark12.13-17.mp3   “…be wise as serpents and innocent as doves,” Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 10:16. Today, as Pastor Holladay preached on Mark 12:13-17, we observed as Jesus demonstrated this principle Himself. Listen to today’s message, and see how an attempt to trap Jesus in His own words only gave Him yet another opportunity to reveal His perfect wisdom, and through it all, teach a powerful truth about submission to human authority and surrender to God.

The King is Coming pt. 1

http://www.thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1394Mark11.01-11.mp3   No matter what Christians face in this world, we know we have an immortal King who is sovereign over all forever (1 Timothy 1:17). Listen to this week’s sermon to learn more about this King as we begin Mark 11, and a two part study on Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem (vv. 1-11). In this sermon, we look at four ways Jesus reveals Himself as the Messiah.  

Sin—Ours & Others 5/03/15

Today, Pastor Holladay preached a powerful sermon on three unpopular topics: sin, judgment, and hell. Yet, such a message ends on a more positive note than one might expect, ultimately pointing us to the gospel as our only hope of deliverance from sin’s consequences and control. Pastor Holladay urges us to deal with sin in our lives “because sin is serious business,” as he preaches on Mark 9:42-50, using Jesus’ own severe warnings for instruction. Listen to today’s message to…