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The Garden of Gethsemane – A Practical Look

http://www.thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1413Mark14.32-42.mp3   No one has ever suffered as much Jesus did during Gethsemane and the Cross. Yet, there are lessons we can learn from watching our Savior’s example as He faced that suffering. As the writer of Hebrews says in chapter twelve, we are to keep our eyes on Jesus to find motivation in our Christian walk. In his recent sermon on Mark 14:32-42, Pastor Holladay preached on the Garden of Gethsemane and noted a few lessons we can learn from…

Figuring Out the Fig Tree

http://www.thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1396Mark11.12-21.mp3   This past Sunday at Grace Fellowship Church, Pastor Holladay preached a sobering message on how appearances can be deceiving. Someone may conform to Christian externals, but in reality, bear no fruit in their lives. Looking at Mark 11:12-21, we learn how a simple fig tree can teach us about our own lives. Click below to listen to a challenging message calling us to self-examination, and ending on an encouraging note with the reminder that only in Christ can…

The King is Coming (part 2)

http://www.thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1395Mark11.01-11.mp3   Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords (Rev. 19:16), yet He was not treated as royalty when He lived on the earth, but was the prime example of humility. Today at Grace Fellowship Church, we learned more of this humility as Pastor Holladay preached on Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem while riding on a donkey. As we finish up a two part series on Mark 11:1-11, we discover three more ways that Jesus revealed Himself…

Features of Faith

http://www.thegfc.org/…/Mark%20Audio%2…/1393Mark10.46-52.mp3   This past Sunday at Grace Fellowship Church, Pastor Holladay taught on the story of blind Bartimaeus and His encounter with Jesus, wrapping up Mark 10. There is a lot to be learned about our ourselves and our desperate need of Jesus in this passage. From Bartimaeus, we learn five features of faith. Listen to this week’s message to learn more, or for a review!  

Jesus’ Journey to Jerusalem

As we continue our series in Mark, we are nearing the climax of this remarkable story: Jesus dying on the cross to accomplish redemption for His people, and to fulfill Old Testament prophecy. Preaching on Mark 10:32-34, Pastor Holladay explained Jesus’ third announcement of His upcoming trial, suffering, death and resurrection as recorded in Mark’s gospel. Through Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem, four aspects of His redemptive work are revealed. Listen to today’s message to learn more!   http://www.thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1391Mark10.32-34.mp3  

Evaluating Your Portfolio | 5/31/15

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God,” Jesus instructs His disciples in Mark 10:25. Listen to today’s sermon, as we continue our discussion in Mark 10:17-31 on Jesus’ encounter with the rich, young ruler. In verses 23-31—the text for today—Jesus impresses on His disciples three lessons from the rich, young ruler. http://www.thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1390Mark10.23-31.mp3  

Responding To & Like Children 5/17/15

Today, Pastor Holladay shared some important lessons about little children, preaching form Mark 10:13-16, as we continue our series through Mark’s gospel. By looking at the cast of these verses—parents, the disciples, children, and Jesus—we learn more of the vast importance of leading children to Jesus, as He is their only hope in life and death, and His arms are open to receive them. Yet, there is a far more important lesson in these verses, as Jesus teaches that all…

Dealing With Divorce

“… the marriage relationship is sacred. It is not a human concept. It is not a cultural contrivance. God divinely instituted marriage at Creation. And to redefine it, or modify it, or undo it is not for man to do.”  – Pastor Holladay This past Sunday, Pastor Holladay delivered a challenging message on the permanence of marriage as God intended it. Preaching from Mark 10:1-12, a deeper look was given into the teaching of Jesus on the matter of divorce.…

Sin—Ours & Others 5/03/15

Today, Pastor Holladay preached a powerful sermon on three unpopular topics: sin, judgment, and hell. Yet, such a message ends on a more positive note than one might expect, ultimately pointing us to the gospel as our only hope of deliverance from sin’s consequences and control. Pastor Holladay urges us to deal with sin in our lives “because sin is serious business,” as he preaches on Mark 9:42-50, using Jesus’ own severe warnings for instruction. Listen to today’s message to…

Ministry Mandates 04/26/15

Today at Grace Fellowship Church, Pastor Holladay preached on Mark 9:38-42, as a part of an expository series through the gospel of Mark. Pastor Holladay labeled today’s sermon “Ministry Mandates,” and discussed “the need to set aside personal pride in ministry, and to humbly encourage Christians engaged in Christian service, whose ministry is not exactly like our own.” Listen to today’s message to discover three directives that Jesus issues for ministry in His name.   http://www.thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1385Mark09.38-42.mp3  

Barriers to Belief

Pastor Holladay preached on Mark 9:14-29 today, telling the story which recounts the disciples’ inability to cast a demon out of a severely possessed boy. Pastor Holladay comments, “Instead of expressing their dependence and faith in prayer—prayer being faith directed and expressed to God—they were relying on themselves.” Listen to today’s sermon to discover six barriers to belief; six obstacles to our faith in Jesus that hinder completion of the course: http://www.thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1383Mark09.14-29.mp3