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'Unionville' Tagged Posts

GFC Youth Night

Join us for another youth night at Grace Fellowship Church. The youth will enjoy a time of discussion on the book of Daniel as well as a time of recreation. Snacks will be provided. Please, see the attached flier below for more details! 08-10-16 Where Does Your Strength Come From

Sin—Ours & Others 5/03/15

Today, Pastor Holladay preached a powerful sermon on three unpopular topics: sin, judgment, and hell. Yet, such a message ends on a more positive note than one might expect, ultimately pointing us to the gospel as our only hope of deliverance from sin’s consequences and control. Pastor Holladay urges us to deal with sin in our lives “because sin is serious business,” as he preaches on Mark 9:42-50, using Jesus’ own severe warnings for instruction. Listen to today’s message to…

Ministry Mandates 04/26/15

Today at Grace Fellowship Church, Pastor Holladay preached on Mark 9:38-42, as a part of an expository series through the gospel of Mark. Pastor Holladay labeled today’s sermon “Ministry Mandates,” and discussed “the need to set aside personal pride in ministry, and to humbly encourage Christians engaged in Christian service, whose ministry is not exactly like our own.” Listen to today’s message to discover three directives that Jesus issues for ministry in His name.   https://thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1385Mark09.38-42.mp3  

Savior-like Greatness – 04/19/15

The Word’s definition of greatness is radically different than that of the world’s. Today, Pastor Holladay preached on Mark 9:30-37, introducing three characteristics of true greatness taught by Jesus, perfected in Him, and presented to us for personal application. Listen to today’s sermon to hear a bold presentation of the gospel and to learn more of these three surprising characteristics of true greatness: Sacrifice, Selflessness, and Service.   https://thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1384Mark09.30-37.mp3  

Easter Sunrise Service, 6:30 A.M. at Grace Fellowship Church

Please join us for an Easter Sunrise Service outside around the cross at Grace Fellowship Church, Unionville PA.  The service will begin at 6:30 and be followed by a light breakfast inside the church.   Our traditional Easter Worship Service will be held beginning at 9:30 A.M. For directions to our church, please visit our website www.thegfc.org.