'Pastor Holladay' Tagged Posts

'Pastor Holladay' Tagged Posts

A Depiction of the Crucifixion | Mark 15:33-39

https://thegfc.org/…/Mark%20Audio%2…/1423Mark15.33-39.mp3   “Jesus death was personal. He died personally and He died for individual persons, granting personal access to the very throne of almighty God for all those who will personally turn from sin and trust Him alone and Him completely and Him personally.” This past Sunday at Grace, we looked into four characteristics of Jesus’ death. Listen to this week’s message on Mark 15:33-39, as we come closer to the conclusion of Mark’s gospel.  

An Examination of Humiliation – Mark 15:15-32

https://thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1422Mark15.15-32.mp3   “… had Jesus come down from the cross to save Himself He would have saved no one… Praise Him that He did not come down from that cross. He remained unto death in order that He might save us and that we might believe and receive forgiveness and eternal life.” – Pastor Holladay Click the link above to listen to the latest message in our series on Mark’s gospel!  

Missing Pieces (part 2) John 18:28-19:16, Luke 23:6-12, Mark 15:1-15

https://thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1421John18.28-19.16.mp3   This past Sunday at Grace Fellowship Church, we continued to learn about the leaders Jesus stood before as He faced His crucifixion. This week we looked into the responses of Herod and Pilate to Jesus. We learned that both fell far short of faith and commitment to Christ. And in examining their responses, we learned more about what it means to appropriately respond to Christ. Listen to this week’s message to learn more!  

Not Guilty as Charged! Mark 15:1-15

https://thegfc.org/…/Mark%20Audio%2…/1419Mark15.01-15.mp3   This past Sunday at Grace Fellowship, we were reminded that although Jesus was perfectly righteous in His life on earth, He was willingly condemned as a criminal. The reason? To trade places with us that we might be forgiven. Listen to this week’s sermon by Pastor Holladay on Mark 15:1-15 to learn more!  

Trials and Denials (Mark 14:66-72)

https://thegfc.org/…/Mark%20Audio%2…/1418Mark14.66-72.mp3   This Sunday at GFC, we were reminded of the importance of being on guard spiritually as we learned more about Peter’s famous and tragic denial of Jesus (Mark 14:66-72). But we were also reminded of the great compassion of Jesus that gently restores us when we turn from our wandering and return to Him. Click the link above to listen to this week’s message!    

Perverse Prosecution | Mark 14:53-65

https://thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1417Mark14.53-65.mp3   In 1 Peter 4, Peter writes, “Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice insofar as you share Christ’s sufferings…” This past Sunday at GFC, Pastor Holladay preached on Mark 14:53-65 as we considered what we can learn from the unjust, mockery of a trial that Jesus received before His crucifixion. At the end of our study, we were left…

Christ’s Controlled Capture | Mark 14

https://thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1415Mark14.43-50.mp3   This past Sunday we were reminded just how great Jesus’ love for us really is, that He would go completely, entirely, and boldly of his own will to the cross. If you missed this week’s sermon on Mark 14 or want to hear it again, use the player above!    

In Search of Wise Men | Matthew 2:1-12

https://thegfc.org/…/Seasonal%20Aud…/9245Matt02.01-12.mp3   This past Sunday, Pastor Holladay reminded us that salvation is a sovereign act of God, and because of this we should never presume to know who He will save. Sometimes God will draw those we thought least likely to become Christians. Click the link below to listen to this week’s message about the unrelenting pursuit of wise men who sought Jesus and, this Christmas season, be encouraged in your witness and filled with gratitude for God’s great grace!…

The Garden of Gethsemane—A Theological Look

https://thegfc.org/…/Mark%20Audio%2…/1414Mark14.32-42.mp3   As we celebrate Christ’s birth this season, sometimes it’s easy to forget the reason He entered into the world: to die for our sins. This past Sunday, we were reminded by Pastor Holladay that Jesus’ death was in our place (vicarious), that He willingly gave Himself to suffer in our place (voluntary) and that He was successful in providing redemption through His sacrifice (victorious).  

The Garden of Gethsemane – A Practical Look

https://thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1413Mark14.32-42.mp3   No one has ever suffered as much Jesus did during Gethsemane and the Cross. Yet, there are lessons we can learn from watching our Savior’s example as He faced that suffering. As the writer of Hebrews says in chapter twelve, we are to keep our eyes on Jesus to find motivation in our Christian walk. In his recent sermon on Mark 14:32-42, Pastor Holladay preached on the Garden of Gethsemane and noted a few lessons we can learn from…

A New Memorial Meal

https://thegfc.org/…/Mark%20Audio%2…/1412Mark14.12-26.mp3   This past Sunday, Pastor Holladay preached a sermon on the significance of the Lord’s Supper, a celebration meal that Jesus instituted for the church. Click the link to listen to this sermon on Mark 14:12-26 as we near the end of our series on Mark’s gospel and the climax of the cross.    

The Look of Love

https://thegfc.org/sermons/Mark%20Audio%20Sermons/1411Mark14.01-09.mp3   This past Sunday, we returned to our study in Mark’s gospel, learning about what love for Jesus looks like according to chapter 14, verses 1-9. Use the audio player to listen to this week’s message!